Hair Transplant Pakistan

Launched by trained and qualified hair transplant surgeonsInternational Hair Transplant Center applies standard practice called Follicular unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) which is considered the finest method that delivers most natural looking results. Hair transplantation is the most effective way to resolve hair loss problem. However since the high cost of hair transplant and few hair transplant clinic, it is not popular in Pakistan. Thus, IHTI target to be the modern and best hair transplant center with affordable price.

International Hair Transplant Institute Center

We are incorporated hair transplant center by skillful and practiced surgeons. Our policies are;

  • Take a Good Care of You as to our family
  • Medical Standard and Safety
  • Provide accurate Information


Less Pain, Less Pay, Most Effective

We aim to make the hair transplant surgery the easy and friendly method to solve hair loss problem. We wish to make you feel like you enter the spa; you leave us with smile on your face. Furthermore we want to provide the most effective value for money hair transplant. In fact, at IHTI, we provide affordable price so hair transplantation is accessible for everybody.

FUE Hair Transplant Pakistan

In FUE the follicular units are removed directly from the back and sides of the scalp using new extraction techniques to minimize damage to follicles.

All of our hair transplant surgeries are done under local anesthesia. Hair transplant sittings that use thousands of follicular unit grafts may take a whole day or even two successive days; however, medications are given to relax you and the time goes by quickly. You will be offered a movie selection and cable T.V. Most patients choose to listen to music, watch a movie, or just chat with the doctor and staff.

Hair Transplant in Pakistan

The strip hair transplant technique (Also known as Follicular Unit Transplant) is a method in which hair grafts are removed and then implanted in the patients balding areas. In this hair transplant surgery technique a blade is uses to cut out a strip of scalp tissue from the back and sides of the head; this strip is then “slivered” into small pieces which are further divided into the individual follicular units using microscopes. After that the surgeon carefully stitched the wound using the technique of tricophytic closure to achieve the smallest possible linear scar.



FUE Hair Transplant Cost in Pakistan

Hair Transplant Costdepends mostly on how much grafts you need, and/or how many sittings you need to complete them in.You may send the advance payment by…
1.  Western union
2.  Online Bank Transfer
3.  Pay order/Demand Draft